Hi, I’m Bre, your favorite social media problem solver & Instagram Marketing Coach. 

I was once a frustrated young professional who met her match with social media algorithms and vanity metrics. 

However, through my years of experience, I am now able to mentor, coach, and inspire other business owners starting their social media journey.

I help new female entrepreneurs gain confidence and clarity in their business by crafting amazing content strategies, Instagram pages, and systems that help them work smarter, not harder.


As a child, I grew up with movies and shows like Thirteen Going On Thirty, What Women Want, and Mad Men. They created my vision for the future: big city living, fast-paced lifestyle, and a creative corporate dream job.  

I realized as a young adult that waitressing in my small beach town wasn’t cutting it. I was unfulfilled, broke, and struggling way too much as a single mom to two crazy little boys.

I returned to college in Maryland to get my Advertising Degree and joined the school’s magazine and journalism club. 

This outlet proved to be the best choice I ever made. During my time on staff, I gained bountiful experience and climbed the ranks from volunteer, to Editor in Chief, to Art Director, to Chief of Staff. I even won awards for my graphic design and editorial features from the College Media Association. 

Post graduation, I exchanged my snowshoes for flip flops and came back to my small town but with a big vision. I wanted to help grow the local mom & pop shops into major regional brands.

bre headshot beach

This dream seemed like it was becoming a reality when I joined the team at a local newspaper and advertising agency.

I was creating graphics, laying out the weekly paper, managing social media accounts, and learning more about what it takes to be a small business. 

Not even a full year into this position, the pandemic hit. The world was turned upside down and came to a screeching halt. 

I was laid off from my dream job. 

Using this as a redirection, like so many others, I created HeyBreSocial.

I decided to take control of my career and use my passion to help others entering into the social media marketing world. 

Now, almost two years later, I am proud to say I’ve worked with more than 25 female entrepreneurs to build their business and grow their social media presence into a powerhouse. 

If you’re… 

  • A Social Media Manager, Small Biz Owner, or Blogger looking to grow and crush your goals…
  • Tired of showing up online and in your biz feeling like you’re doing everything right and the results aren’t there…
  • In need a roadmap to start + scale your business…
  • Ready to start showing up as a boss and professional in their industry…