Content Journey to Success

The goal of marketing is to make the sale. But before this can happen, your prospective customer must take a journey. This path greets your client at the awareness stage, ventures through engagement, subscription, then converts, and sends them shooting up to the ideal destination: the loyal customer lounge.

Now this journey begins with meeting your customer right where they are, on the couch scrolling through their social sites. These sites are perfect for getting your content in front of the masses.


Older, community involved businesses have the advantage of built-in awareness. The townfolk already has a basic knowledge of your brand, or at least they know you exist. This is all thanks to years of hard work and prior marketing efforts. If you are a start-up, consistent posting to specific target audiences will help introduce your brand.


On social platforms, awareness and engagement content goals are pretty basic. You want your audience to view, like, comment, or share. Content that works well at this stage is blog posts, videos, and photos. Don’t be afraid to get creative.


The call to action will be doing the heavy lifting to continue through the journey from awareness to subscription. You want your customers to make a small commitment, following your Facebook page or subscribing to your newsletter. I always view this as them adding you to their counsel, whether its retail or personal blogs, you are now a trusted associate.

Convert and Ascend

From subscribe to convert, your content will help your customer make their purchase and boost them through the ascension ladder. This is where testimonials come in clutch. It shows the value and satisfaction of the investment.

The rest of the journey depends on your product and customer service team. Satisfied customers are built, constructed from hardworking and thorough content.

To review, we discussed the different content that helps move the prospect from awareness to a converted, loyal customer.

But there is more to think about when creating this content.

Mindless posting is a no-no. There should always be an intentional goal. There are 3 main goals to keep in mind while posting:

  1. Increased applause rating: will this content get you plenty of views, likes, and shares?
  2. Build brand awareness: ads and boosted posts help warm up your audience.
  3. List growth: subscriptions, subscriptions, subscriptions.

So, we know why we create content, and we know what kind of content to create, but now what?

Now you create and implement a content calendar for your social platforms. Using a social media calendar will help you with consistency and keeping yourself on track and accountable.

When posting on social media, you have to allow a series of content to help your customers take the journey. If you get stuck in a rut, reintroducing your customers to your brand and not your product, there will be no conversion. Remember, the goal is to make a sale. Effective content at the right stage will do so.

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