Insight Into Audience Avatars

You might believe that having good content is all you need to get attention and traffic to your page. And while “content is king”, it won’t keep your audience for long.

Blindly promoting to the masses won’t get you much traction.

Consider influencers. An influencer may think, “My followers would love this wrinkle cream,” but unbeknownst to them, their followers are mainly GenXers who just aren’t there yet.

This is when knowing your audience is beneficial.

Under page analytics, a breakdown of the demographics or audience can be found: gender, age, and location of the people actually viewing your content. And with this information, a target audience avatar or customer profile can be made!

“Personally, I love creating a profile. It is really tuning into your audience. This way, when you’re tailoring your copy, the conversation flows like you’re talking to an old friend.”

– Bre

The idea of knowing your audience and potential customers in order to achieve success is nothing new. However, the idea has evolved past knowing just the basic demographics.

Old school marketing was satisfied with putting its consumers into simple boxes. But modern marketing creates a customer profile that dives deeper into the small details and includes envisioning a fictional person representing your typical customer.

You will ponder where they spend their time, what social sites they frequent the most, what problems they need to be solved, where they shop, where they get their information or news, and what their other hobbies are.

Once you confine your marketing efforts to a highly defined audience, you’re able to engage those individuals on a much deeper level and make better decisions with them in mind.


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