3 Tips to Boost Engagement

Rest your weary head, my hopeful social media marketer. I know how it can be. You’re plugging away, day after day, creating and posting, hoping to get more and more likes on your site.

But it’s just not enough.

You’ve done your research. You know the ins and outs of your brand, you’ve made your audience avatar, and you have a beautiful content calendar filled out with your daily posts.

You just need to know how to get your followers to lift their fingers and hit the like, comment, or share button.

Have no fear, Bre is here with 3 tips to boost your engagement.

Tip #1: Go Live

Kick your videos up a notch by going live on your Facebook page. This will send a notification and shoot to the top of your follower’s feeds. This type of media produces 6 times as many interactions as regular videos. Adding a call to action like, “jump on and say hi!” works like a charm. Why? Because people want you to acknowledge them. Saying their name triggers something in their brain; they love it. I recommend a “Talk to me Tuesday”.

Tip #2: Re-post User-Generate Content

Piggybacking on the idea that people love to hear you say their name, they also love to see themselves. Say someone posts an awesome picture of your product or business on Facebook, or someone left you a spectacular review. Share or repost it! Testimonials help close the sale for many potential customers, solidify your branded hashtags, and encourage more user-generated content. Also, don’t forget to ask for permission before sharing.

Tip #3: Host a Contest

Our viewers also love to win free stuff, but most importantly, they love to win things of actual *VALUE*. Don’t be cheap, the more value, the more people will notice. Telling your followers to like, comment, and share to be considered is the easiest way to get those vanity metrics sky high. Besides an excellent giveaway, other contests include polls, trivia, or quizzes. Create a custom hashtag to track your entries like #BreBrandGiveaway2020. An even better idea is to boost your contest post for the month.

Wrap Up

These tips have one thing in common: your audience. Users like personalized and interactive content that revolves around them. Whether it’s winning a prize, seeing themselves on your feed, or hearing you say their name, users want to be prioritized in your brand.

Use the above content ideas and sprinkle them into your monthly content calendar for increased engagement. The key to successful social media posts is consistency. Always be posting, the audience will come.

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  1. Great tips! Always a good idea to be as real as possible with your audience (going live), and show how much you appreciate them by resharing their content and rewarding them with contests.

  2. Such helpful tips! It’s interesting how social media management is so different when you’re running a “typical” business versus running a blog. I’ve utilized IG for my blog for over 5 years but now I’m doing SMM for a hair salon and a dentist office and it’s a different world! This is super beneficial advice.

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