Writing for Social Media

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the technology when talking about social media, but flashy tools alone won’t make a campaign effective- good content does. Great social posts take time and effort to craft, just like any other kind of writing.

“If you have a website, you are a publisher. If you are on social media, you are in marketing. And that means we are all writers.” – Ann Handley, author Everybody Writes

It may just be social media to some people, but to us, it’s a cash cow. The goal is to get your brand, its message, and products in front of thousands of readers. Doing your job correctly is crucial to the brand. No pressure.

Follow these tips to create top-performing social media copy.

Be Relevant

Engaging your audience isn’t just talking at them or shouting into the wind. The more engagement, the larger the reach. This means we want all the likes, comments, and shares our readers have to offer.

Social media content should always be relevant, useful, and interesting. Without all 3 of these elements, your audience will not interact or engage with your post. To capture your reader’s attention, pique their curiosity, get them excited, and offer suggestions to change their lives.

Be Concise

Avoid falling victim to “tl;dr” (too long, didn’t read). Although Facebook allows up to 400 characters, social media isn’t the place for long-winded stories. Keeping it short and simple will attract more eyes as readers enjoy bite-size servings, think bullet points.

In an oversaturated market like Facebook, it is vital to present your message clearly, and in a way that is easy to understand. A reader shouldn’t have to have prior knowledge to “get” the point. Provide context so it can stand alone.

Include a Call to Action

Never leave your reader questioning what comes next. Your words will guide them throughout your content journey. Are you asking your audience to read, comment, click, or shop? Don’t be afraid to suggest an action or ask a direct question. However, make sure your directions are simple and only require one step. If you want them to read your blog post, link them directly to that page.

Be Casual

Social media is casual, so even if your brand is a serious company, there is no need to sound uptight. Remember, your audience is your friend. Different social sites may be more casual than the others (Twitter vs. LinkedIn), so you may want to pay close attention to your slang. Either way, across the board, maintaining an upbeat, positive tone will have the readers excited and inspired.

In formal writing, we tend to avoid contractions or trendy abbreviations. However, it could support your brand’s voice. There is a fine line between conversational and unprofessional.

Talk Back

You wrote a great post, and the audience is talking back! There’s still work to do. Responding is another way to solidify your brand’s voice on social sites. Are you a bit sassy with the comebacks? Or straight to the point answering questions? Either way, it’s essential to keep up with your brand’s established voice.

This should go without being said; however, always keep your replies friendly, polite, and informative. If issues with a customer arise, encourage them to reach out offline.

Use Spellcheck

Twitter is a great social site; however, the lack of an edit button drives me absolutely insane. It doesn’t matter how much of a masterpiece your post is; it won’t get the proper praise with spelling or grammar errors.

I encourage scheduling your posts; therefore, you can look with fresh eyes another time, increasing your chances of catching a mistake. Planning your posts ahead of time also means you aren’t rushing, which is when most of us make mistakes.

Use Keywords

Let’s be real, most of us skim as we quickly scroll through posts waiting for something to pique our interest. Do you know what those eye-catching words are called? That’s right: Keywords!

While searching for relevant content, these words stick out to us as readers. These words can also be searched. So, if you are looking for new customers, which we are, using keywords is vital. Using the right keywords and appropriately positioning them gives your posts a better chance of performing better.

Need Help?

Directing your brand’s social presence is no simple task, but these tips can help you craft creative, compelling copy for your various social sites. If you don’t know where to start regarding your social media content, I can help. Slide into my DMs to get to work.

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