3 Types of Hashtags

It’s one thing to understand the purpose and influence of hashtags, but if you want to harness the power of a good hashtag strategy, it’s essential to be intentional with the types of hashtags you’re using.

Each will serve a different purpose and will allow you to connect with different audiences in diverse ways.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Community-based hashtags

Ultimately community-based hashtags have the goal to connect like-minded people around a particular topic or theme. These hashtags are great for connecting with others, improving your post’s searchability, gaining followers, and broadening your reach. Be sure to mix them up and use them in stories and posts. Examples: #BossBabes, #Mompreneur

Branded-based hashtags

Creating hashtags unique to you and your brand is a great way to highlight your brand values and principles, while also infusing personality and identity into your content. Bonus points if you get your audience to start using hashtags in their own stories and posts! Examples: #HeyBreSocial #HeyBreLaunching

Campaign-based hashtags

Whenever you are launching a new service, website, or course, consider creating a hashtag unique to that campaign. Not only is it a great way for you and your audience to see all of your launch posts in one place, it is also an effective way to create hype. Examples: #HeyBreHotTips #HotTipsEBook

When it comes to creating hashtags that rally your community or brand fans, niching down and identifying your target audience is essential. If you need help niching down or figuring out your audience, slide into my DMs. Let’s get to work.

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