The In’s & Out’s of Your Ideal Client

If your last launch flopped, or your awesome content didn’t receive the engagement expected, listen up!

Before you promote your next offer or post next week’s riveting content, you need to ensure that you know who you are positioning it towards. It’s not enough to know who you are selling to, though. You need to know this target audience inside and out.

Knowing your audience and potential customers to achieve success is nothing new. However, the idea has evolved past knowing the basic demographics.

Old school marketing was satisfied with putting its consumers into simple boxes, but modern marketing creates a customer profile that dives deeper into the small details and includes envisioning a fictional person representing your ideal client. 

But why? Why go through all of this work to create an audience avatar?

Once you’re able to confine your marketing efforts to a highly defined audience, you can engage those individuals on a much deeper level and make better decisions with them in mind.

Connecting on a deep level with your target audience is vital for any business, especially if you’re looking to sell or meet a metric. By doing so, you will understand and anticipate what they want and need.

So, how do you find your ideal clients?

Check out your insights.

If you are an already-established business, your analytics is a great tool for obtaining demographic details about your audience. You’ll find data broken into sections, defining your audience’s age, gender, and location. These useful, colorful graphs are an excellent asset to learn more about the people already engaging with your content.

Engage with your audiences.

Social media is an endless opportunity pool. There are billions of users with millions of niches just waiting for you to discover. Social platforms make it easy to find and interact with ideal clients by participating in groups, forums, and blogs. Connecting with these users will help you narrow down the criteria fitting your target audience.

Research & Brainstorm.

Typically, you know relatively who your target audience is. But the problem ensues when you’re finding your ideal clients. Here is where you need to get into your audience avatar’s mind. Make a list of keywords they may use or search and think about where they would search for them.

Let’s use IG hashtags as an example. When you search that Featured Page, you need to follow it like a treasure map. What content mirrors your style or hits topics similar to yours? Click on it and explore the likes and comments. Explore that user’s followers list.

Brainstorm what your ideal client wants, needs, and likes. Then, show up there and/or dig there to sniff them out.

So, you’ve found your ideal client! Congrats! Don’t let them slip away.

How can we shoot them through the customer value journey into the loyal customer lounge? The answer is simple: nurture these relationships.

You don’t want your ideal client turning into a stranger. You can avoid this with simple shoutouts, tags, or supporting their brand or business in return. Keep a log of your warm leads or ideal clients, and revisit them in their DMs every week or so. Check and see how they are doing without worrying about a sale.

Wrap Up

One of the most critical aspects of marketing is to connect with your target audience. The ability to do so will allow you to understand the wants, needs, and reactions to certain content or promotions. By adapting your marketing strategy to better suit these ideal clients, you will receive increased metrics and boost sales.

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