5 Tips to Optimize Your IG Page

Instagram is second only to Facebook for being the most popular social media platform.

With billions of users all over the world, it can be challenging to stand out.

That is why it is vital to optimize your IG page and convert strangers into followers.

A professionally designed Instagram page follows your brand design, identity, and messaging while it also caters to and attracts your audience.

Your Instagram page should encourage users to engage, follow, and turn into actual paying customers.

Each section of IG has the opportunity to turn the audience away or pull them in.

Don’t miss out on conversion due to a poor profile photo, inadequate bio, or empty highlight bar.

Crafting a cohesive online presence that your audience will love can be daunting.

Follow these tips to optimize your IG page:

  • Switch Your Settings

If you haven’t already, switch your account from personal to business, or creator. To do so, go into your settings. Having a creator account allows you access to a slew of features and insights. Insights is an absolutely essential tool used to understand your audience, define your strategies, and measure your growth. This kind of account will also appear more professional due to its contact options and appearance.

  • Edit Your Name in Bio

While your name IS important, the name featured in your bio is a prime spot for keywords. This name is searchable, so when those clients search “social media manager,” your name and page pops up! These relevant keywords will help your ideal client easily find you.

  • Add A Link in Bio

Your link in bio is a vital piece of the page. It is where you turn strangers into customers and subscribers. For most of us (with under 10k followers), this is the only place in IG that links work. Link your followers and prospective clients to your landing page, blog, or shop. This link is adding sustenance and will deepen the connection between business and consumers.

  • Create a Quality Feed

While we each have our own unique branding and preferences, the feed is a crucial part of your page because it’s where you show off your content and skills. Humans are visually oriented, so when something is up to our beauty standard, we bond with it. You want users to bond with your content, so make sure you’re using high-quality images and graphics.

  • Post Consistently

It’s also essential that you do not allow your page to collect dust. You don’t need to post every day to your feed, but it is important to post at least two times a week while showing up every day in stories. When creating a content calendar, it’s vital to be honest with yourself. Are you able to post 5 days’ worth of content a week? And the next week? Is this maintainable long-term? Find what works for you.

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  1. These tips are super helpful for businesses and bloggers!
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