3 Signs You Need an IG Audit

With Instagram’s billions of users all over the world, it can be challenging for your business to stand out.

However, with an Instagram Audit, you can strategically optimize your page to convert strangers into followers and followers into clients. 

Here are 3 signs you need to invest in an Instagram Audit:

  1. Your followers are not your ideal client

If the bulk of your followers are random accounts, bots, or overall not ideal clients, you should pay attention. Your page, branding, or content are not working together to attract the proper target audience. Knowing which aspect is the problem can be challenging though. Could this entail a quick change of strategy or massive rebrand? 

  1. Your page is slow to grow

Let’s be real. We all wish for our content to magically go viral so we can receive a massive influx of followers, likes, comments, etc. But realistically, steady growth is intentional and strategic. Your engagement rate is a metric to help measure your page’s success. The average engagement rate is 1.5%. Head here https://www.inbeat.co/engagement-rate-calculator-instagram/ to see how you measure up. 

  1. You think you might be shadowbanned

Instagram can be finicky with it’s bot crack downs and confusing with the algorithm constantly changing. So, when suddenly your posts aren’t performing well, you may panic thinking you’ve been shadowbanned. And you might be right. Instagram will hide your posts from other users, which can be detrimental to your account. 

With an Instagram Audit, we can work together to analyze your current presence to uncover what is working, and change what is not. 

Stop crossing your fingers hoping to change your luck. Let’s work together to optimize your Instagram page and strategize ways to convert strangers into followers and followers into clients.

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