How to Convert Strangers into Clients

Tracking down your ideal clients can take a lot of time and effort. But what if I told you there was a way to attract your ideal clients effortlessly?

By simply showing up & following the steps below, you will become an ideal client magnet. 

Let’s Break It Down!

Converting Strangers:

Strangers find you through shared content and hashtags. Your post will have to intrigue this stranger with its content, value, and branding. If your post has minimal value and doesn’t entertain, educate, or inspire, the stranger will continue their scroll. But if the content has beautiful branding, they may click to view your profile and enter into the next stage. 

To Followers:

To become a follower, your stranger must have viewed your page and saw that you were right up their alley. Your branding and content spoke to them, but you convinced them to hit that follow button with your consistent value embedded throughout your page and posts. You proved yourself worthy of showing up on their feed. 

To A Lead:

For your follower to become a lead, there must be engagement: likes, comments, and especially DMs. At this stage of the relationship you would consider them “Close Friends” worthy & want to speak to them consistently to continue to build the report. It is also important to mention that as a lead, you know this person’s struggles and goals. 

To A Client:

As a client, your lead knows all about you and what you have to offer them. They have convinced themselves they are ready to make the plunge and fully trust you with their business. Because they have gone through this process with you, you already know their objections and have rebuttals prepared to help them accept your help. 


To Summarize:

You’ve converted a stranger into a follower with beautiful brand design & consistent valuable content.

You’ve then converted a follower into a lead with intentional engagement through the comment section on posts, stories, & the DMs. 

You’ve then converted your lead into a client by building a relationship with them, gaining their trust, and speaking to their struggles/goals. 

Congratulations! You have converted a stranger into a client by simply showing up! 

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