Which Imposter Are You?

⁠⁠Imposter Syndrome is something we have all had to deal with at some point in our biz. But did you know there are different types? ⁠⁠

The Perfectionist ⁠⁠

Does the thought of a typo send you spiraling? Same. We are known as the Perfectionist Imposter. Perfection isn’t a realistic goal, so you’re constantly finding yourself defeated. Instead, acknowledge the hard work you’ve put in to complete the task and minimize self-criticism when things don’t go ideally. ⁠⁠

The Natural Genius⁠⁠

Do great things just unfold naturally for you? If so, you’re known as the Natural Genius. Effortlessly, you’ve been able to materialize your dream job and book clients. However, imposter syndrome calls it “luck.” When you do actually struggle with a task, you feel like a major fraud.⁠⁠

The DIY Soloist⁠⁠

This do-it-yourself queen believes she can handle anything all on her own. However, if she can’t achieve success independently, she considers herself unworthy. Asking for help, or accepting it when offered, doesn’t make the success any less sweet. Building a team can actually make success that much easier. ⁠⁠

The Expert⁠⁠

Are you constantly reading or taking courses related to your industry? If so, you may be an expert imposter. You value knowing all the answers, however, if you struggle to do so, you might consider yourself a fraud or failure, questioning your role in the biz. Being educated is great, but trial & error is the best teacher. ⁠⁠

The Superhero⁠⁠

Hustling 24/7 is not a badge of honor, but if you wish it was then you are the Superhero Imposter. You pride yourself on succeeding in your many roles as a solopreneur. Failure to handle the great pressure and demands of these roles makes you think you’re inadequate. Instead of pushing yourself to the limit, give yourself some grace. ⁠⁠

Which type of imposter are you? Based on previous conversations with clients and biz besties, more than one of these types of imposters tend to rear their ugly head at different times in our business.

⁠⁠Recognizing Imposter Syndrome as such is step one to fighting it off. Stay tuned for more info about fighting off imposter syndrome.

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