The ABC’s of Building a Business

Would you build your nice, new house on a foundation of sand or concrete? ⁠⁠
Sure a beach house is nice but it doesn’t stand the test of time nor weather the storm. ⁠⁠
The same logic should be used when building your business. ⁠⁠
A strong foundation is built on solid ground, with clarity and strategy. But enough of the metaphors! ⁠⁠
What are these business foundations that I speak of so often?⁠⁠

3 Pillars of a solid business foundation ⁠⁠

1️⃣ Target Audience: ⁠⁠
These are all things we research, analyze, and manifest in your future ideal clients. ⁠⁠

👉What hashtags do they follow? ⁠⁠
👉What is their money mindset? ⁠⁠

2️⃣ Brand Development:⁠⁠
Brand development speaks to your business at its core. We answer questions like:

👉who do you help, ⁠⁠
👉why do you help them, ⁠⁠
👉how do you help them, ⁠⁠
👉what makes your biz so special?⁠⁠
3️⃣ Content Creation:
Content takes all of the other moving pieces of the puzzle to create your business’s reality. We are no longer conceptualizing, we are ⁠…

👉taking action to showcase your strong brand, ⁠⁠
👉attracting your new ideal clients, ⁠⁠
👉showing up as an authority in your industry. ⁠⁠

Aligning all the things

It’s not enough to just have the ‘parts’ of a business structure. ⁠

You have to have a way to connect them, make them cohesive, and be able to connect all the dots for your audience.⁠

Your content has to actually speak to your ideal client. Your ideal client has to actually need your offer. Your offers need to have enough clarity you can create content that sells them.⁠

Get it?⁠

Your alignment is the thing that connects the dots. ⁠

It’s the thing that will take you from having random pieces of a business strategy to having a business that consistently brings in cash. 🤑⁠

It’s the missing piece that will take you from crossing your fingers, hoping you make a sale this week, to seeing consistent results in your business and having consistent sales.⁠

And that’s the power of Build a Biz: The Blueprint, my signature coaching program.

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