How It Works: Instagram Algorithm

Gone are the days of blaming the algorithm for our poor performing content.

As an Instagram business owner, we are all about growing our account. And the best way to grow is to reach new audiences.

So, how can we get the algorithm to push out our content? We learn how it works and then capitalize on that information.

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4 Signs It’s Time For A New Content Strategy

You have a content strategy, but it’s not working. ⁠

How do I know?⁠

Because I’ve been there. ⁠

I got comfortable with a plug-and-play content strategy that was once upon a time successful. ⁠

But then… it wasn’t. ⁠

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The In’s & Out’s of Your Ideal Client

If your last launch flopped, or your awesome content didn’t receive the engagement expected, listen up!

Before you promote your next offer or post next week’s riveting content, you need to ensure that you know who you are positioning it towards. It’s not enough to know who you are selling to, though. You need to know this target audience inside and out.

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